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Create online forms to automate your workflows using our drag-and-drop form builder, which has amazing form templates, and collect payments by using popular payment processing software.

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All You Need to Create Engaging Forms

  • Drag and drop editor to build visually pleasing forms.

  • No coding experience needed to create forms.

  • Customizable and built-in templates to beautify your forms.

  • Form response management for better decision making.

form builder software

Form Builder

Make use of advanced features to build engaging and interactive forms that people can easily use and increase customer engagement.

form builder
build custom forms

Build Custom Forms

Allow users to build no code, online forms with our easy-to-use form builder. Collect customer data and get responses.

drag-and-drop editor

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Create Interactive and engaging forms that get you more responses like never before.

advanced ui

Advanced UI

Make a creative & vibrant form with our advanced designer tool.

form preview

Form Preview

Preview your form and make the required changes accordingly to make it more engaging.

html embed

HTML Embed

Use the embed code of forms and place it wherever as needed.

online payment

Online Payment

Upscale your business by leveraging online payment option through

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Drag and Drop

Use a convenient drag and drop builder to build extensive forms effortlessly with no coding experience.

drag and drop
editable components

Editable Components

Use fields in your forms with an ease by adding required editable components.

add media

Add Media

Add images and videos with the help of required fields and make your form more visually appealing.

add grids

Add Grids

Add sections in your forms to explain your products and services to help your customers make informed decisions.

Find out more about Drag and Drop

Form Templates

Create forms using built-in templates and get work done faster. Add or remove fields the way you want and publish forms at the speed of light.

form templates
built-in templates

Built-in Templates

Make use of built-in templates to get started in seconds and send forms to receive more responses.

templates with themes

Templates with Themes

Customize your forms with our form themes. Add logos, update colors, modify layouts and more with our theme editor. Learn more!

customizable templates

Customizable Templates

Create custom templates the way you want using drag-and-drop editor and engage customers with visually appealing forms.

preview templates

Preview Templates

Choose templates from pre built templates, preview it and make the changes according to your business to provide the best user experience to your customers.

Find out more about Form Templates

Form Responses

Manage all responses efficiently by receiving them in one place and analyzing them together for data-driven decision-making.

form responses
manage responses

Manage Responses

Receive all form responses at one place so that it's easier for you to manage and analyze them.

filter responses

Filter Responses

Filter your responses easily by selecting email, embed and more to access any immediate information.

export form responses

Export Form Responses

Make it simple to manage your data by allowing you to export your form responses at one place.

Find out more about Form Responses

Form Integration

Integrate online forms and maximise your form data by delivering it to all of your tools. Increase productivity by triggering activities depending on the replies you get.

form integration
stripe integration

Stripe Integration

Structurize your installments using and Add your products or services to forms.



Choose seamless capabilities of now and Get paid as soon as your installment ends.

Find out more about Form Integration

Form Themes

Design your form theme from scratch and customize it to your brand standards by adding the brand logo, changing background images, opacity, fonts and color schema, etc.

form themes
advanced designer

Advanced Designer

Use advanced designer to deepen the appearance of your form with form layout, form cover, label styles, line layout and more.

advanced css

Advanced CSS

Add your own CSS code to customize the style of your business form to better fit your website with advanced CSS.



Customize the look of your business form with advanced themes & CSS features.

Find out more about Form Themes

Embed Forms

Design your form and get the form's source code to copy and add its script to HTML pages. Save and publish it on any web page.

embed forms
embed with source code

Embed with Source Code

Get the source code of your form by creating the unique online forms and use the HTML code to publish the page anywhere.

share the script

Share the Script

Share the script via email and copy the script then add it your html code and publish the page.

google tag manager

Google Tag Manager

Create a new tag using our template in the google tag manager and allow the user to add marketing tags into your website does not require any coding.

Find out more about Embed Forms

Wizard Form

Create multi step forms to simplify complex forms by sectioning them out onto multiple pages. Fields can be easily dragged and dropped between pages for quick editing at any time!

wizard form
multi-step forms

Multi-step Forms

Create multi-step form with advanced form wizard and capture the leads through multi-step form creation.



Include labels as well as a brief explanation of the goal. User can go back and see clear action buttons.

advanced class

Advanced Class

Make your online forms look exactly how you want them with advanced class designer make it even more interactive.

Find out more about Wizard Form

Email Notifications

Enter an email id to get notified via email as soon as a form is submitted by a respondent. We can send you a text or an email so you never miss a beat.

email notifications


Customize your email settings, confirmations, and alerts will be sent automatically once the form is submitted.

send forms via email

Send Forms Via Email

Send forms via email and get notifications about form responses, record modifications, and communications from your respondents.

notify respondents

Notify Respondents

Get instant email notifications once an entry has been successfully submitted.

Find out more about Email Notifications

WordPress Plugin

Embed best WordPress form plugin to run surveys, gather data, collect payments and generate leads. With, you can easily design and develop customized forms using WordPress plugin.

wordpress plugin
customized online forms

Customized Online Forms

Build customized online forms with no coding required, online form builder helps to personalize form templates with advanced features to match your brand.

collect & analyze responses

Collect & Analyze Responses

Collect and analyze all responses at a single point to generate new leads and increase customer satisfaction rate.

connect apps

Connect Apps

Access your complete account from WordPress and interact with other third-party apps and plugins.

Find out more about WordPress Plugin

File Uploads

Use the File Upload feature to collect documents, resumes, videos, photos, etc, through forms simply without having coding or tech experience.

file uploads


Use drag-and-drop feature and make the submission process even more easier for your customers to upload one or more files.

add file upload

Add File Upload

Add file upload field to a form and make it quick and easy to collect the information that you need from your customers.

quickly collect files

Quickly Collect Files

Access your file uploads easily and collect images, documents, PDFs, videos, and many more from any online form.

Find out more about File Uploads

CRM Integration

Just integrate your contact form with one of the CRM platform to sync submissions to your sales pipeline.

crm integration
integrate with your crm

Integrate with your CRM

Just integrate your contact or lead gen form with one of the CRM platforms below to sync submissions to your sales pipeline. you’ll spend less time entering data manually and more time closing the next big deal for your company.

single click integration

Single Click Integration

Easily connect to your CRM platform with a single click by using the API key. Effortlessly manage leads and Improve your customer experience.

in-built crm tool

In-Built CRM Tool

Integrate with In-built and build lasting relationships with customers by managing all of them in one place.

Find out more about CRM Integration

Collect Signature

Add signature fields to your documents using our simple drag-and-drop functionality. Just choose signature component and drag them over to your document.

collect signature
drag-and-drop signature

Drag-and-drop Signature

Use drag-and-drop functionality and choose the component and drag them over to your document.



Easily build online form or use one of our templates. Simply drag-and-drop the signature field onto your form and customize the signature field.



Collect information and signatures from the customers secure all the information collection and get rid of paper once and for all.

Find out more about Collect Signature

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