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Top 10 reasons why your business should use and 50+ other apps from 500apps

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    Create custom forms from scratch with drag and drop builder

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    Simplify the form-filling process for any user with conditional wizards

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    Use pre-built teemplates to create forms faster

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    Integrate forms into websites with securely

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    Capture and forward responses seamlessly

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    Automate advanced workflows using built-in business process management software, BPMApp

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    Collect payments securely using Stripe, Paypal and other payment providers

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    Unbelievable pricing - the lowest you will ever find

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    Everything your business needs - 50 apps, 24/5 support and 99.95% uptime


Drag-and-drop Form Builder

Choose the components, fields you'd like to add, and drag them over to your form. Start collecting the data you require

Customizable Built-in Templates

Select from the built-in templates and customize it according to your business needs by using our form creator

Integrated Payment Networks

Collect payments from customers supported by payment processing software, that makes sure the transaction data is safe and secured

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Best & Free Online Survey Maker Tools of 2023

Businesses want to comprehend client behavior and want opinions, and suggestions. Additionally, they must evaluate how clients feel about and respond to their goods. In this article, you will see how organizations make use of survey forms and the list of free online survey maker tools.

Best Alternative to Google Survey Maker

Your business will save time, minimize errors, and increase production with the correct business forms. On their business tax forms, businesses strive to get rid of errors as much as possible.

Create Online Surveys With a Free Survey Maker

Online surveys are a great marketing tool that can be used to gather customer feedback, find out about the needs and wants of the target market, and generate leads. In the case of online surveys, you don't even need to build an e-commerce site or install sales funnels—all it takes is a good set of free survey maker tools.

Everything You Need to Accelerate Digital Work With Forms

There are two major things you need to accelerate your digital work with digital forms, and this is a form creator and form builder software. They are digital platforms such as apps and websites that allow you to create and build various types of forms, whether by scratch or from set templates.

Know More About form builder


What is Form Builder Software?

Form builder is a feature-rich web application for creating and managing forms. It's a must-have tool for collecting the required information.

Who Needs Form Maker Software?

Here are important industries and businesses who uses form maker software and it helps to improve conversions, they should serve what their clients desire.

Benefits of Form Maker

Here are some of the amazing benefits of using form maker to assist your business in growing and making the most of it.

Features of Form Builder Software

Online form builder software has always been in the favor of every business as it’s known for utmost simplicity. Here are the 8 features to explore.

Why are Form Builders Needed?

Collecting data from site visitors is simple with online form builders. Learn more about website form builders and their significance here.

How Form Builder Plugin Helps Your Website?

Let us see the types of forms that can be used as plugins in websites and how it benefits your business.

Why Drag-and-Drop Form Builder Is Effective?

Get to know how drag-and-drop online form builders are highly used for creating forms.

How to Use a Survey Dashboard Effectively?

Get to know how survey dashboards can help in generate insights from customer response data.

What is Survey Builder?

Learn what is survey builder, how to use a survey builder and start creating surveys with ease. Whether you want to utilise a template or construct a survey.

How To Create a Survey Builder?

Learn how to create a survey builder that drives results in this post along with instructions and start with the most user-friendly form plugins and use online survey tools today.

Uses Of Survey Builder

In this article learn uses of the survey builder will help you to collect information about your survey participants, such as their name, email address, and more.

Why Do Businesses Need Survey Builder?

Learn Why Do Businesses Need Survey Builder and find that your product doesn't have what the customer needs, surveys can help reduce the risk.

What is a Web Form?

Discover how web forms can assist organisations in tracking online leads, learning more about their consumers, improving user experience, and increasing conversions.

How To Create A Web Form?

Creating a form might appear to be a difficult task, especially given that the design of a form can have a significant influence on whether a visitor fills it out or abandons your site entirely. Here, we'll teach you how to create web form for maximum conversions.

How Does Survey Builder Improve Lead Generation?

WPForms is a great lead generating tool and customer feedback software for making survey forms. To add easy conversion elements to your website.

How to Create a Contact Form in HTML?

Contact forms are a must-have for any website and every business you can customize the colors and fields easily however you like in our form builder.

How To Create Online Forms

How would you go about it? You may need a build on your websites to collect contacts, take orders and payments, catch leads, or gain RSVPs. The good news is creating an online layout is quite easy.

Best Contact Form WordPress

Form builders are easy-to-use and allow you to create beautiful, interactive forms that make collecting user data quick and painless.

How To Build Forms Online

Online forms are an essential part of business, but they may be challenging to design. Here's how to create online forms, as well as some resources to get you started.

Reasons Small Businesses Love Form Builder

A form builder is an online user-interactive HTML form or web page that lets users enter data. This ranges from purchase information to personal information, surveys, etc. Below are 10 reasons why a small business love form builders.

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