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Allow users to control how your forms look with the form creator. For more effect, use video and other resources. Find widgets here.

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form validation

Form Validation

Instruct responders to avoid repetitions or duplicates in their responses. Form validation clearly indicates fields that may be marked as mandatory, such as name, terms and conditions, and more, form validation makes it clear to respondents which fields are mandatory.

multi-level segmentation

Multi-level Segmentation

Simplify complex forms by sectioning them into multiple pages to make them easier to understand. Structure forms contains relevant fields or questions, and that responses are routed to the pages that contain questions are relevant to them.

manage responses

Manage Responses

Get all your form responses at one place and make informed decisions according to the data received.

save & resume

Save & Resume

Allow users to save their progress and return to complete their form entry at a later time. When Save & Resume is enabled, a Save button will appear at the bottom of your form.

What is Form Creator?

Form Creator is use to Create forms quickly and easily using our, which is designed for people with minimal coding expertise. Add and customise form fields to meet your specific requirements. Create personalised reports to see and analyse all of your form submissions.

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