A contact form is a web-based form that your site visitors can fill and submit to send any message. The form is designed to trigger an email message and send it into your email inbox so you can view it. It is an excellent way to source leads and improves your sales. Here are 5 reasons why you should rely on a contact form builder.

Benefits of Adding a Contact Form to Your Website

1. Reduces Spam Emails

Spambots gather email addresses from websites and add victims to online spammy lists. This can cause phishing emails, scams, and other security risks. However, a contact form protects your email address from spam emails. For example, you can include CAPTCHA, denylist, and more to keep your site free.

2. Get More Leads

A contact form makes it easy for a potential customer to get across to you. Easy to fill forms allow maximum conversations, and your visitors don’t need to go through the stress of manually sending emails.

3. Gather Information and Boost your Email List

Customers sometimes send incomplete information and don’t leave contact details you can use as a follow-up. However, you can intentionally include boxes for them to fill so that you can gather all the information at once. It also presents an opportunity to add them to your email list without any extra cost.

4. Shows Professionalism

A clean and clear contact form will make your website appear more professional. It cuts out the middleman, and customers can send you messages directly. Since the form is a sure way of reaching your customers, you can use it to improve customer service and support by providing timely assistance. You can also use it to delegate tasks to your team by sending the right email notifications at the right time.

5. It Simplifies Things for You and Your Customers

Site visitors can attach files for submission, and you can download them without extra cost. Did you know you can use your contact form to accept downloads? And that contact forms are handy for receiving messages even when you're not at home?

6. Visual Form Builder

A visual form builder is a plugin that you can use to build and manage all the forms on your website in a single place. You don’t need to have a coding experience to use a visual form builder, as the easy-to-use software has advanced features to help you create forms with a few clicks.

Steps for Building a Custom Contact Form

1. Choose a Contact Form Plugin

There are different free and paid contact form plugins that you can choose. However, we recommend you look for powerful features that are still beginner-friendly. For example, this is a builder with easy-to-use drag and drop functions.

If you desire more powerful features, you can upgrade to a paid subscription. You can also look for plugins with a free version to enjoy cool features without paying anything.

2. Install the Contact Form Plugin

Install the plugin on your site and activate it. Although the settings vary depending on the site, for a WordPress plugin, login to your dashboard, go to the plugins section and click on add new. Then, click on install now to automatically install the plugin on your site and activate it by selecting the “activate” button.

3. Create the Contact Form

Use the drag and drop form builder to select a contact for name and template. You can add as many fields as you want by simply dragging them over your form or clicking on them. Not only this, but you can also add media, grids, and editable components that your respondents may need.

4. Configure Form Confirmations and Notifications

After submitting forms and email alerts, configure the commands your site visitors will see to notify you of activities. Design the form to redirect the users to a page after filling out the form. Feel free to play around in the settings section and try various functionalities. After selecting the settings you want, click on the Save button.

5. Publishing a Form

Add the form to your new or existing page and give your page a name. Then, load it inside the editor and click on publish to save your form.


Change how you do business today with a contact form builder. This simple contact method will allow your customers to reach you and promote smooth communication that will benefit your business. Try out a contact form builder here.

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