An online survey builder is an application or platform that provides a simple interface for constructing visually appealing and engaging survey designs. A good survey tool makes it easy to develop a survey, distribute it, collect data, and evaluate the results.

This tool makes it easier to perform cross-sectional research, consecutive independent sample studies, longitudinal studies, or create a questionnaire. In just a few clicks, you can have access to all of the tools, question kinds, and logic you may need to create your survey. Using a survey design tool allows you to develop aesthetically appealing, efficient, and user-friendly surveys.

6 Facts About Online Survey Builder

Online Survey Builder

1. Online Tools Are Inexpensive

When conducting a research survey, cost concerns are always significant. Survey tools can help you save money since they eliminate the need for in-person interviews and additional resources to run the survey. Users may access the questionnaire straight from an internet browser, and the results are quickly given to you.

2. A Hundred Different Question Kinds Are Available to You

Checkboxes, drop-down menus, multiple-choice, net promoter score, drag-and-drop, constant sum, social media sharing, rating grid, multimedia, and demographic questions are all available in an online survey builder. You may add an infinite number of these sorts of survey questions or alter a premade template.

3. An Online Survey Builder Provides Appealing Questionnaire Design Possibilities

The appearance of your survey to the responder might influence your response rate. A well-designed survey can help to enhance participation. Online survey tools allow you to construct an appealing questionnaire that is easy to follow and inviting to complete using the several templates available.

4. Ease of Use

Anyone may create surveys on the move, thanks to the drag-and-drop interface. Thus, you can construct gorgeous questions even if you have no technical coding experience.

5. Created a Feedback Form Simple

The tool can help you create professional surveys for consumer surveys, academic research surveys, employee surveys, or patient feedback forms. You may include all of the necessary question kinds, form templates, commonly asked questions and answers database, and customized design options.

6. Analytics Features

Analytical features incorporated in the online survey builder enable you to examine real-time data under various conditions, compare data, and draw insights. You may even export data in a variety of forms, including graphs and charts, to make it easier to fully evaluate the data.

6 Stats About Online Survey Builder

Online Survey Builder

  • While a 10-question survey has an average completion rate of 89 percent, 20-question surveys have a slightly lower completion rate of 87 percent, followed by 30-question surveys at 85 percent. When a survey comprises 40 questions, the completion rate is now 79%. That's a stunning 10% lower than the completion rate for 10-question surveys. In addition, the amount of questions you may include in a survey is limited by the sort of license you have. Using an online survey builder, you can also create a questionnaire that does not have too many questions. In addition, the tool helps maintain survey flow, showing the path respondents will travel during the survey. This further helps increase response rates.

  • Having one open-ended question reduces the completion rate by 1%. However, this number increases drastically for four open-ended questions. In a web forms, you can choose between several types of questions, thus reducing open-ended questions. Some examples include a matrix question, a rating scale or ranking question, or even a text box.

  • More than a third (35%) of SurveyMonkey survey respondents complete them on mobile. This is an increase from around 18% in 2013, and the trend is likely to continue. An online survey builder allows you to display your surveys on various platforms like a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Most online survey builders have a smart display capability that adjusts the survey templates to the screen used by the participant.

  • Most companies that obtain 100-200 answers per month tend to use a manual analysis technique. The major downside here is that it is quite likely that whoever analyzes your content will apply their own prejudices and simply fail to identify specific themes because they unconsciously do not believe it is vital to monitor. On the other hand, an online survey builder can perform survey analysis free of any prejudice, thus ensuring correct inferences.

  • Nobody enjoys being compelled to answer an awkward question while taking a survey. In fact, 27 percent of respondents feel that not being able to skip a question is reason enough to abandon a survey. And if a large number of individuals leave, your results will suffer. You'll obtain less data, and what you do acquire will be more likely to be homogenous and so less valuable. Using an online survey builder, you can toggle between required and not required settings. Thus, you have the opportunity to only make questions like name and email id required while leaving the rest of the questions as not required.

  • Including your first question in your survey invitation might increase response rates by up to 22%. A form designer lets you embed an interesting survey question in your invitation, thus increasing response rates. - The Best Online Survey Builder by 500apps allows you to create online surveys or use one of our survey templates, then customize the colors and fonts to match your logo and analyze consumer responses. Furthermore, with only a few clicks on, you can easily publish your survey. Simply add it to your website or send it by email, and you're done! Online Survey Builder You may personalize your survey by using several questions kinds. Surveys are excellent for gathering input from your target audience. You can create questionnaires or payment forms by simply dragging and dropping your questions onto the survey.

These features and many more from other applications in the 500apps suite can be availed at a low price of $14.99 per month.

Summing It Up

Data collecting is critical for the success of any firm. With the advancement of technology, the digital data collecting procedure has replaced the conventional paper and pen method. This advancement is really welcome because it simplifies things for businesses. Using the right form builder software ensures continuous lead creation, constant insights, and simplicity of use. is one such tool you can use to create surveys for data collection. is one of the best tools on the market since it has all of the outstanding features and functionality required for a seamless data collecting procedure. It is not only inexpensive and simple to use; it also has excellent templates that can be customized to fit your brand's look. Start your data collection journey today with the best online survey builder,

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