Business is booming, clients are coming in, and you have a ton of communication you need to do to close those deals and convert them into actual sales. At this point, handling many clients at the same time is not only overwhelming and can get confusing. There is also the probability that you might overlook some essential details in-between the daily hustle.

Some issues require details that are pretty impossible to have at your fingertips. A database where information is preserved for such infrequent demands saves these unique events.

Imagine a former client calling to ask about a delivery delivered to a one-time address 15 years ago. Delivering documents from that time means visiting your store for some perusals. However, with delivery forms for monthly deliveries on a database, the daunting task is a breeze.

Form builder websites can well solve your business's burden of space and time. Forms will enable you to create comprehensive, detailed information logs that can be retrieved easily at a future date. One form builder website is where you; Create custom forms for all your business needs; Get real-time updates on the performance of the forms; Work across various business platforms; and Manage data collected on the forms through an API index both online and offline.

Common Uses of Forms Include

1. Contact Forms

Forms are pretty popular in collecting the email addresses of your site visitors. This is an effective marketing strategy; collected email addresses are used to market offers and notify on new products.

2. Feedback Forms

A simple like, thumbs up or emoji comment does not cut it when you need genuine feedback from your customers or site visitors. A feedback form is an anonymous filter for who the serious customers are. A person that moves past the like button and fills your form is genuinely interested in the material they receive from your business.

forms builder

The beauty of form building is you get to highlight the areas you need to know about. From a single question, your respondents will paint a vivid picture with a diverse perspective from whence a business can develop a plan or strategy to tackle pertinent issues.

3. Survey Forms

I’ll admit that before, I thought all types of forms were for surveys. We’ve all encountered survey forms; health surveys, political surveys, environmental surveys, religious surveys, and surveys on literally everything.

Survey forms are easy to fill across all age groups. This guarantees valid survey results when you use them in your business.

A form builder website offers businesses and teams robust and easy communication. They are easy to use and most are freely available to all levels of business. With this knowledge, there is no excuse for any business not to cash in on the business awaiting on the other side of a form.

Best Form Builder Websites

form builder

The following are some of the best form builder websites

This hybrid form builder combines all on-demand features for form builder websites. boast of giving its users an API platform to access its amazing features. It is easy to integrate forms .io to other systems within your business for a seamless experience.

Key Features of

  • Drag and drop design
  • Wizard form
  • Form templates
  • Facilitates conditional logic
  • Translates forms
  • Mobile responsive
  • Creates an automatic API is easily the best form builder there is now. It has been put against other popular form builders, even Google, and still stands supreme. easily work within teams whether for your business or corporate company needs.

Google Forms

Google has put out every possible tool for the benefit of your business. Anybody with an internet connection knows the google app and does not need much to navigate through it.

Key Features

  • Include Various themes to choose from
  • Syncs with google sheets
  • Supports add-ons
  • Support Conditional logic
  • Supports offline editing
  • Sends reminders via email
  • Supports skip page
  • Enables creation of forms with more than one section

Google forms is a free-form builder website that is available across the world. It enables you to design your form from scratch across a collection of colors. Google forms enable the use of images in your survey, a plus for illustrative questions.

When a user fills the form, it automatically updates on google spreadsheets. Here you can view the performance of your form. You can also share these submissions with your partners and associates.

Add-ons like form limiter stop the respondents from submitting a form multiple times. Conditional logic facilitates follow-up questions based on an already answered question.

Why Should You Use Google Forms?

Your customers/target audience for your forms are most likely to have used google before. Consequently, they will be more receptive to click on a google related link as concerns for security are limited.

Google forms appear professional and genuine amidst thousands of clickbait links on the internet.


Typeform is the place for creating unique, trendy, good-looking forms. Typeform boasts over 70 designed form templates. Typeform is popular among tech experts who add custom modifications to suit each business.

Key Features Include

  • Variety of designs to choose from
  • Facilitates conditional logic
  • It is suitable for mobile use

Typeform is suitable for respondents who fill the form on mobile. It allows the reader to respond to each question at a time. That is; there is no pressure of seeing all questions at once, which is quite agitating for a respondent in a hurry.

Why Should You Use Typeform?

This builder offers great multimedia integration and has a fantastic interface to great unique forms! It is directly connected with google analytics, facilitating the analysis of survey data.

Gravity Forms

This is the perfect builder for blog owners. The WordPress-based builder facilitates interaction with blog readers on another level. It is available in one of three available payment packages.

Key Features Include

  • Easy to use
  • Has variety form fields
  • Enables Save and Continue
  • Multiform enabled
  • Supports Add ons and Integrations
  • Limit and schedule feature

This builder is pretty easy to use among veteran form builders. Like its housing platform, Gravity forms lack a fun user experience in the creation process. For instance, unlike other builders where you choose the designs already, Gravity forms give samples in the plug-in on which you edit into your preferred look.

The forms look the same on all devices, taking on mobile mode if and when your WordPress site is mobile-enabled. As the business owner or team associate, you can limit the filling of your forms to sync with your set of preferred conditions.

Why You Should Use Gravity Forms?

In this highly competitive space, Gravity forms stand out because it allows more integrations with crucial third-party apps than any other rival service. This unique form builder offers simplicity and guarantees performance without being flashy.

Ninja Forms

This is our second WordPress builder. Most of the features of this builder are available for free. The templates available are sufficient to work with, 16 in total. They include contact forms, job applications, feedback, and Newsletter sign-up forms. Ninja Forms is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

Key Features Include

  • Up to 16 templates available
  • Supports Multi forms
  • Easy to use
  • Supports drag and drop editing

Why Should You Use Ninja Forms?

This is the most popular form builder on WordPress. It has received countless positive reviews for its ease of use. A beginner will successfully engage in Ninja Form’s intuitive interface. Ninja Forms will be your new playground if you are a developer or possess some CSS expertise. With an abundance of add-ons and settings, Ninja Forms is set to fully cater to all your business form needs.


If you are running a business, it is inevitable that at some point you will need to create forms. At that point, you require a form builder application that offers all the features you need in one place. This will not only reduce your costs and help you organise your business, but it will also mean that your communication and data collection is done well. is your new and revolutionary form builder that combines all the features you need in a form builder.

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